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the klf are back, sort of! or are they?
is it 2027?
anyway, rewind to the klf of c1991 and listen to (and watch!) my 5 minute minimix of all their best bits...

 PhilB-BelieveInHappines PhilB-DestinationMashed PhilB-BeyonceBobMarleyMashup klf PhilB-ALittleLessSympathy
 PhilB-AllTheThingsSheSangForTheMomentClean PhilB-UsureDo-Metallica PhilB-BootieLuvFantasy PhilB-HardToBeatRemix Radio 1
 PhilB-LinusVogue footy PhilB-SS-RayOfLight PhilB-DubBeSummerTime2Me PhilB-QueenJumpMix
 PhilB-CantonaOhMyGoodnessMe PhilB-ReadyOrNotBootlegMix PhilB-SexySexyLady PhilB-LeeCabrera-v-GirlsAloud Kiss

all my mashups and mixes are available to download as 128k mp3s including the extended versions (higher bitrate versions are available on request for club use or radio airplay). click on the links on the left or the thumbnails above.

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the legal bit
all of my mashups and mixes have been made for fun, and as a demonstration of my remixing abilities. the copyright to these source recordings is retained by the original copyright holder(s). if you object to any of these being posted online please email me here. your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or other loan secured on it, the value of shares may go down as well as up, caution contents may be hot, this product may contain nuts....