destination mashed (edit)
destination mashed (extended)

kosheen - hide you v
alex gaudino - destination calabria v
freemasons - watching

big in the clubs in 2007 and awarded song of the year runner-up by

review from
...His latest mashterpiece "Destination Mashed" includes the Freemasons vs. Kosheen vs. Alex Guadino. Great track and we welcome a new producer to the MTown family. Keep your earbuds peeled for some more Phil B in the future.

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believe in happiness (edit)
believe in happiness (extended)

two classic dance anthems mashed up for your delight...

utah saints - believe in me v
tomcraft - loneliness

review from / Marc Johnce
Pros: Very good dance mashup, excellent production, people gonna love it on the dancefloor.
Cons: The mix is really good, but vocals are slightly monotone and repetitive for my personal taste.
Tips: None

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linus vogue (edit)
linus vogue (extended)
linus loves - stand back (which was the theme to football focus for a couple of years) v
madonna - vogue

review from / G3RSTM
Pros: Very good mash - I'm not familiar with the Linus song, but I hope you don't mind me saying that it did remind me of Rick Astleys 'Whenever You Need Somebody'... ;) Anyways, you managed to creatively use Madonna's vocals. The sweeps and other effects you apply to her voice gives them a fresh breath of air. Excellent production.
Cons: None that I can think of.
Tips: You could make a shorter version (radio edit) of this for DJs. - edit and extended versions now both here on this site

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bootie luv fantasy (edit)
bootie luv fantasy (extended)

another big house mashup classic for you, which is just perfect for the clubs

baby d - let me be your fantasy v
booty luv - don't mess with my man

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beyonce bob marley mashup

the very foxxy beyoncé with a funky bob marley backing - you can work it out...
(originally from the austin powers goldmember movie)

a little less sympathy

probably my most subtle and restrained bootleg. more of a mix than a mashup.

elvis - a little less conversation v
the rolling stones - sympathy for the devil

this one really seems to split opinion. some people love it, some hate it. others complain because it isn't a 'proper mashup' - which is fine becase i've always said it is more of a mix than a mashup. read some of the debate at last fm

u sure do - metallica

i've always loved heavy metal and house music - so the obvious thing to do was to put both styles together.

strike - u sure do v
metallica - orion (off the fantastic master of puppets album)

lee cabrera v girls aloud (edit)
lee cabrera v girls aloud (extended)

more pumping house for your enjoyment

lee cabrera feat. alex cartana
- shake it (move a little closer)
girls aloud
- sexy! no no no... (flip & fill mix)

(apologies for the sound quality on this one, not really sure what happend!)

queen jump mix

one of my extended mashed mixes with loads in it, hope i haven't forgotten anything?!..

house of pain - jump around
queen - we will rock you
five - we will rock you
queen & david bowie - under pressure
vanilla ice - ice ice baby
kris-kross - jump
dj cool - let me clear my throat
a tribe called quest - can i kick it

dub be summertime 2 me

another extended mash with a great summer vibe!

beats international - dub be good to me
revelation - just be dub to me
dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince - summertime
the clash - the guns of brixton

all the things she sang for the moment

tatu (the slightly suspect russian teenage lesbians) - all the things she said v
eminem - sing for the moment

ss ray of light

OK, so its weird, but I like it!

the scissor sisters - laura v
madonna - ray of light